Love Letter to The Public

Things come with age,
and in this day-in-age everything feels like a phase.
Or even a stage.
A stage in stagnation or complete motivation.
Or a stage in essence of performance and crowd pleasing.
I’m sitting in levels of nostalgia as I look back at pictures that I’ve painted.
Portraits I’ve created,
Of self and other.
Singular and plural.

As another year passes, we shed more weight.
We peel a layer and we find another form of self.
And I mean, I can’t say what you’ve dealt..
Or if you’ve come from wealth, or high health.
But I know there’s a collective gnawing in wanting to:
Do better.
Be better.
Know better.
Shapeshift, for better.
Shake shit, for better.
Question it, for better.
Talk about shit, for better.

I don’t think I’m supposed to do exactly what my parents did.
I don’t think it’s a must to align with everything they did.
(If so, we’d be so different.)

As time goes…
We realize the scope is bigger.
The day-in-age that I live in aligns with vast change.
And if you miss your shot, the train is just going to switch lanes.
You might be left there, fumbling, trynna count your change.
You hear me?

I’d say this is my personal advise:
From my mind, and my hands,
That eye/we/you need to move away from idolizing and move into self-prophesizing.
Self-nurturing, rather than self-torturing.
Master yourself.
Master a craft.

In part, this feels like a call to action.
I’m not sure if anybody hears me.
But, I’m asking you to join me.
And I’m not talking about fable times or reading in-between the lines, I mean running back to self.

Running back to wealth:
In spirit.
In mind, in knowledge.
In body, in soul.
The external frequencies are things that we need, depending on your understand of Thee.
But, there’s more.
There is a lot more.
And I don’t necessarily want to continue to implore, but I hope moving forward I get to enjoy you indulging in your higher truths too.

Stepping into a new year probably means new fears.
New tears.
New smiles, new styles.
New trials, cause you know times are ugly and the system is still broken.
But, I hope you keep focus.
I’m wishing you hope, and spiritually sending you a lotus.

Speaking from the heart,
I like to write love letters.
I’ll see you all when the flowers begin to bloom.
Be well, take care of each other, go create something.

003 – “Love Letter to The Public” by La Bonita

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