Save yourself.

I’m learning that we can’t save everyone or anyone, for that matter, if we can’t even find the means and the reasons to save ourselves.

It’s so easy to find the potential in someone else. It’s sometimes simple to find the light in others that they struggle with, or do not see for themselves.

I found myself in the hospital due to some serious asthma issues. Ones’ that I knew I had but never gave my self enough real attention to realize that this could be my fatal demise. It’s been a scary past few days, struggling with my breathing, struggling to do things, simple things that take all my might. Things I’ve realized I truly take for granted.

One of them being myself. I take myself for granted. I never choose myself. I’ve never really chosen myself enough. I’ve never chosen myself long enough to where I can deconstruct the things that haunt me or just simply take care of my health.

Mi salud es tan importante y nunca me pongo atención. No puedo seguir así. Tengo que cambiar algunas maneras de ser para que yo viva una vida feliz.

I’ve always managed to lose myself in others. Building bricks with them, for them, unbeknownst to me sometimes too. Natural energies just take over and I feel like I’m in a level of calling. But damn I know it’s gets exhausting.

Sitting in a wake up call. Maybe you are too.

Choose you. Save you. Take care of you. Honor and respect you.

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