At what point do you become the superhero human you always dreamt yourself to be?

When does all of the confusion shift from being an illusion to real life gratitude and substance? 

Last time I remember being a super human was in high school.

I mean – that’s when you start feeling like your true self right?

Somehow amongst the catty drama and failed relationships (platonic & romantic) you create your YOU-ness…

Yet somehow I’m sitting here four years later wondering where the hell I’ve gone —

Maybe I lost myself in a piece of shit relationship, that one that ran me dry in every sense of the word. Years later I sit here with the same remembrance of how “not enough” I was made to feel.

But if I’m speaking candidly, it’s a feeling that I’ve always know. A feeling that I’ve spent my whole life trying to compensate for. 

For years I’ve felt less than whole and still remained to be the savior in people’s lives. Sharing myself with people when knowingly those pieces are not all there.

Today, I know I am deserving of the world, the planets, the stars, and all galaxies in that damn milky way. 

When do you become that superhero human you always dreamt of?

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